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Warehouse/Materials Operations & Management

With many years of experience and extensive materials management knowledge, we can enhancing your warehouse operations by re-engineering, consolidating, strategically reducing inventory, implementing new technologies, reducing paperwork and cycle time, and optimizing space and labor resources to save millions of dollars in inventory cost, warehousing cost, and budgeting.

Warehouse Management and Re-engineering
Independently, we can review your warehouse management functions to identify your strengths and areas of opportunity for improvement. We can evaluate existing processes and assist in re-engineering them to meet today's needs. This will include analysis of barcode methods, stocking methods, pick and pull methods, material flow, equipment utilization, warehouse layout, space utilization, inventory turnover rates, etc. The re-engineering process will include 100% percent participation of your operation's personnel.

Consolidation of Warehouses
Support you in consolidating major warehouses into a single or smaller number of warehouses to reduce the total inventory by millions of dollars and drastically reduce the warehouse space-and all associated costs. This includes establishing consolidated area warehouses to share commonly use inventory and job specific inventory for geographically diverse operations. With us, you can implement such projects within your budgets and time allocations. We can assist you in performing the required in-depth analysis of the stocked items, warehouse space requirements, labor requirements, and logistics to move item locations without disrupting your daily operations.

Inventory Control Programs
Evaluate inventories in the warehouses and analyze them with respect to usage, forecast, space availability and budget availability. Help in categorized inventory minimization based on the usage and reduce unneeded quantities. Establish stocking and reordering formulas to minimize stocking levels. This will include implementations of programs such as JIT, consignment and establishing Strategic Supplier agreements with the cooperation with your purchasing group.

Receipt and Delivery Efficiencies
Determine how to move items from receiving docks to delivery areas in the most expeditious way including cross docking, paperless receiving and delivery processes, quality control programs at the dock, consolidation of delivery items, etc. Cross training of the employees to perform multiple duties where practical.

Policies and Procedure Development
Assistance in developing policies and procedures to assure effective conduct of operations. We can help you to accomplish this task in a timely manner. This can include auditable procedures, guidelines, and desktop procedures.

Outsourcing Evaluations
Need to outsource a part or even a whole section of your material or warehouse department to support corporate strategic policy? We can help you in the development of outsourcing programs, requests for proposals, proposal evaluations, and we can contract manage these activities.

Computer Systems for Material and Warehouse Management
We can guide your group through a systems design, development, or modification for the management of materials, inventories and warehouses in a most efficient and user friendly manner. Analyze homegrown systems and commercially available off-shelf systems for current or future use and recommend the right fit for your operation.

Warehousing and Materials Management Snapshot:


Warehouse management

Re-engineering of warehouse operations

Consolidations of warehouses

Inventory control programs

Receipt and delivery efficiencies

Policy and procedure development

Outsourcing evaluations

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