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Equipment, Asset, & Property Management

By applying our expertise in managing large government operations to managing personal, related personal and real property, we can assist you in evaluating your property management system. We can also assist you in enhancing your process to increase efficiency, save budget, and manpower. With our guidance, you will be able to implement commercial practices within the bounds of required regulations and use new and changing technology to reduce costs.

Development of property management program
If your existing property program needs independent evaluation, then we can assist you in the re-engineer and implementation of it. We are able to help you in re-engineering overall program or specific sections of it.

Property Inventory management

By introducing methods such as statistical sampling and electronic inventory methods, we can assist in the physical inventory of your property. We will evaluate the existing property database and suggest potential areas to reduce inventory items and increase re-utilization of property.

Excess disposition program
We can help establish an excess disposition process by increasing internal re-utilization and obtaining maximum returns through the sale of it. Also, to improve your cycle time, reduce space and save cost, we can analyze your existing excess disposition process and assist you in the re-engineering of it. Our goal is to help you establish better internal control and inventory while improving the return on disposition and sale of the surplus.

Subcontractor property management
Managing subcontractors control property is always a challenge. We can develop a process to fit your organization's structure and establish proper control of subcontractors managed property with minimum efforts. To assure your total control of the property, we will help you set up processes with your procurement group and subcontractors.

Tool control

Using A, B, C analysis to assure that your tools are control based on their value and critical usage, we can help you develop a tool control program.

Out sourcing evaluations
With manpower and budget cuts, it may be necessary to out source your total or partial property management operation. We can perform an independent analysis of your operation to identify opportunities for out sourcing, develop request for proposals, evaluate the proposals, and establish the contracts.

Property Computer Systems
If you have your own property management computer system or you are developing it in house, we can guide you in establishing a proper logic to assure that your system will support your organization's needs today and in the future. We can also assist you in performing analysis of commercially available systems, with respect to your needs and budgets.

Electronic Property management
With today's technology, there are ample opportunities to change several processes from manual operations to electronic operations. With our assistance, your organization can convert property inventory, property passes, tool control, excess management, and disposition process from manual to full or partial electronic processes.

Property procedures and training programs
We provide assistance in developing policies or writing procedures. We can help you establish audit able procedures, guidelines, and desktop procedures in an efficient and timely manner. We can also train your personnel for any specific area or on the total property management process.

Equipment, Asset, & Property Management Snapshot:

Development of asset / property management programs

Policy and procedure development

Subcontractor property management

Inventory management / Tool Control

Training programs

Excess disposition program

Outsourcing evaluations
Electronic Asset / Property management

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