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Supply Chain Re-structuring & Management

We have many years of experience in establishing, operating, enhancing, and implementing cost saving measures in the supply chain management field. We specialize in evaluating existing processes, analyzing them and identifying opportunities for process and operational improvements to bring about cost and labor savings. With our assistance, your supply chain professionals will learn how to reduce cycle time, establish long range strategic contracts, negotiate favorable deals, establish Just-In-Time (JIT) programs, evaluate suppliers, implement supplier performance improvement programs, and increase profits to your organization through cost savings.

Current Business Process Evaluation and Re-Engineering
With the constantly changing business environment and corporate structures, do you need to re-structure your supply chain management organization? Here are some ways we can help you maximize your efforts to reduce costs, increase labor efficiency and increase support to your clients:


    Render our service to perform independent analyses of your current business processes.
    Analyze your workload with respect to available labor resources and performance expectations.
    Support re-engineering efforts with your existing business processes.
    Identify methods to streamline your current business processes.
    Assist with reorganization or restructuring activities to improve the current organizational effectiveness.

Contract Management
We can evaluate your existing contracts to identify potential areas to help you:


    Establish controls that are more effective.
    Improve cash flows.
    Meet milestones and objectives.
    Enhance overall contract management.

We also handle major contract negotiation activities. We can:


    Negotiate major contracts for your company.
    Assist you with the negotiations.
    Help you develop planning and negotiation strategies.
    Identify key issues and help you obtain a better deal.

JIT and Strategic Sourcing
One essential success factor in budget reduction management is implementing the right operating environment for your company. We can assist you by:


    Establishing agreements with Strategic Sources Suppliers.

    Establishing Just-In-Time (JIT) contracts for primary commodities and equipment used by your company.
    Assisting in the development of a comprehensive program to reduce stocked inventory, improve cycle times and  
    reduce costs.

Supplier Evaluations
Proper evaluation of suppliers before awarding a Purchase Order defines the success for a contract. We can help you:


    Develop supplier evaluation programs based on your business needs.
    Evaluate domestic (U.S.) suppliers
    Evaluate international suppliers-especially Far Eastern and developing countries.


Supplier Performance Evaluation Programs
Monitoring the performance of each supplier to your expectations is important to your success. We can support:


    Development of comprehensive supplier performance programs to help your suppliers improve their performance.
    Development of specific supplier performance program
    Development of specific supplier performance metrics
    Evaluation of performance of your suppliers

Policies and Procedure Development
Assistance in developing policies and procedures to assure effective conduct of operations. We can help you to accomplish this task in a timely manner. This can include auditable procedures, guidelines, and desktop procedures.

Personnel Training
One of the most effective methods to assure that employees support your business goals and objectives is to make sure that they understand their role and responsibilities. We can support several areas of training at your location including:


    Purchasing Agents (Buyers)
    Warehouse Management

    Inventory Management

Supply Chain Management Snapshot:

Current practices assessment and business process re-engineering

Policy and procedure development

Supplier evaluation programs

Strategic Sourcing development and implementation

Just-In-Time program development and implementation

Outsourcing evaluations

Training programs

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